Perils of owning an en bloc property

You are unable to afford to get a replacement house while your funds aren’t in yet as the en bloc deal isn’t yet completed. If your house is in danger of Enbloc, you could consider a house loan where there’s no locked in, but that would entail increased housing interest rate price. Apart from the simple fact that you’re basically being made to leave your house, your nest in which you’ve made so many memories over time, you will also must use your precious en bloc proceeds to purchase a new spot. Given the chance that you could one day lose your house, it gets even more pressing to know precisely how much en-bloc potential your house really has. Whether you are in need of a new residence or searching for your next major investment, there’s something for everybody on en bloc. To put it simply, it usually means that should you intend to buy a new house in 2018, you want to act soon, before the wave of en bloc beneficiaries floods the marketplace.
For Normanton Park condo, it’s the latter. In case the property is less than a decade old, 90% must agree. Private property is currently much more affordable for the typical Singaporean than before the cooling measures were implemented. Basically, you’re getting paid to vacate your premises. If you bought your property quite a while ago when prices were lower, you will likely earn a huge profit.