Tips for renovating small 3-room HDB flat

We’ve established that it needs a fair bit of creativity to make over small spaces to be useful and functional. But it also needs to reflect the owner’s , and fit with the overall aesthetic. Luckily, we found inspiring and affordable 3 bedroom HDB renovation packages from many interior designers around where we live. We are fans of mixing in the old with the new to create something different and interesting. My hubby loves collecting vintage guitars and gear. He also has a lot of memorabilia, so the space really needed to compliment all of his loves.

When designing the music room, I immediately thought of a beautiful antique rug. However the limited rooms in a 3 room HDB means that we have to create a space dedicated to his guitars. Using wood finishes and plenty of white provides the illusion of space. We use the red and orange tones to compliment the carpet and it turned out really well.

Plus, every bedroom needs to be meticulously planned to optimize the limited space of each room. Using custom-made design, we are able to fit queen size bed in both rooms. We even manage to add in our fave green chairs,which bring in an unexpected hit of color, provide extra seating for friends, and make my designer heart happy.

As for the living room, our carpenters made a space-saving coffee table which brings in much needed texture. Also, the Art Deco concept at the entertainment area provides storage for our little trinkets and what not. It took a bit of planning, but in the end we prove that it is possible to do wonders even with a supposedly limited 3-bedroom HDB flat. The trick is finding the right interior design partner who understands what you want and able to maintain open and constructive communication during the entire renovation period.

3 bedroom HDB renovation tips

After I was finished with the design, I showed my hubby and he really did love it. So it is totally approved. Just imagine guitars all over the place and me in the corner hugging one of the Milo Baughman chairs to complete the whole deal. It was a blast working with items from Charish to come up with a design that is fun and super unique. I am a huge believer in vintage and it’s ability to take your design to a whole different level!