Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) explained

If you’re a first-time property buyer, you wouldn’t be imposed with an ABSD charge. Legal fees are also called conveyancing fees. Valuation fees is beingpaid to the bank as a way to qualify for the rest of the loan that’s taken up tofinance the condominium, unless you’re making a 1 lump sum payment wherethere isn’t a demand for financing in any respect, most condo buyers would be responsible for valuation fees.

Properties purchased outside Singapore won’t be included. It may be that some people wanting to offload their property quickly as they wish to emigrate and want the money to get a house overseas, it may be due to a divorce settlement or it may be an ancestral home where they need to sell to split their inheritance or this individual simply needs the money because of his company and the offer is simply too great to refuse. Typically, there are various varieties of property as well as the taxes and rates involved in these properties differ from one another.

Overseas properties aren’t taken into consideration when calculating the ABSD rate to apply. Purchasing a residential property is a significant investment and there are lots of considerations during buying a property. Typically, people who does decoupling wants to purchase a second property. If you are purchasing a private property, use our ABSD calculator below to get a concept of just how much stamp duty you need to pay.